Plutus Business has a team with international investing, consulting and operating experience

as well as long-standing local experience and network.

Identify opportunities

The team continuously evaluates the major trends, strategic shifts, and operating challenges driving an industry and establishes specific theses and objectives to identify unique investment opportunities.

Proactive Process

The teams then execute against the investment theses by proactively targeting companies with defensible business models, strong industry positions, and best-in-class management teams. Throughout the process, our professionals strive to develop strong relationships with our partners and provide them with the necessary resources to create competitive advantages, drive sustainable growth, and manage the challenges of increased scale and competition.


Creating long-term value requires detailed industry knowledge and operational expertise. Thus, Plutus Business organizes its investment professionals into four primary industry groups. The professionals in each group have developed a network of industry experts and an in-depth understanding of their industry's economic drivers, inherent risks, and opportunities for growth and improvement.

4 primary industry groups

◎ Energy
◎ Materials
◎ Financials
◎ Commercial & Professional Services


Everything we do to optimize the relationships with our clients is concentrated in our corporate values:






surplus value